Weed & schizo

I am on risperidone 8mg and I have no positive symptoms for weeks now except for some delusions that come & go.
and after so long without symptoms I am starting to question my sz and I feel I can live without antipsychotics. but I fear I may fall again in psychosis.

only weed & sleep make life bearable.
i used to be so against weed but lately it’s the only thing that seems to help.

what do you think about weed & sz?
what do you think about antipsychotics?

I think that these posts about weed are the most boring things under the sun

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why? 151515151515

some studies show that weed may help schizophrenics although it increases dopamine whereas antipsychotics try to decrease dopamine.

I smoked recently. I think if the mind is in an altered state of mind it is not naturally healthy. It’s a shame even in sobriety I have symptoms, less with medicine.

sobriety is the best. but what if negative symptoms & depression are too severe to handle?

Because there are a lot of them!

I too use cannabis to lessen symptoms and it works,

But its like chronically putting out a fire,

Where the APs try to eliminate the arsonist,

Know what I mean?

We both probably need to be on the APs as smoking weed all day, everyday is not sustainable.

At least for me, I know that I need to get more ahead of the symptoms instead of always trying to catch up to them.

Its stressful.

Maybe inquire about changing your meds if you feel it is so severe you cannot handle it?

You don’t want to have a dependency on a drug, try to continue without it, it may be hard but it’s not impossible


meds are good for positive symptoms but not with depression and anhedonia… I am not addicted to weed. it’s just helpful…

psychiatrist says it’s too dangerous to smoke weed while szphrenic. it affects normal people and may lead to psychosis, how much more it affects us.

More power to those that benefit from smoking weed, but it makes me incredibly psychotic. Not for me, but I have no problem with it if it helps some people

it increases dopamine & craziness. sure.

Weed is only going to make those symptoms worse. Trust me. I used it almost daily for 10 years.

I’m closing this thread out of respect for those people who have struggled with or are currently struggling with addiction.