Wedding card

Here’s the card I made for the wedding I’m going to next week. I painted the background with watercolors. Then stamped and embossed the sailboat with a stamp that I carved out of rubber.
Here’s the stamp I carved. It;s a mirror of the stamped imaged.


wow that’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Very cool. My niece is getting married in October. I’d like to find something nice like that to give her. I am incompetent with traditional art supplies but perhaps I can work something up on the computer.

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I like creating it just for the couple. Finding out their interests. Like my SO’s brother is into boating and they are getting married on a boat. So I painted the seascape. When my brother got married the theme was peonies so I did peonies.

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Neat. I like the multiple colors. Are you going to have two sailboats?

I really like this lovely it.

There are some beautiful and creative wedding invitation cards. Beacuse i can’t post the pictures, so if you are interested, visit the free wedding invitation templates in

Beautiful wedding cards.

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Your really sincere and very thoughtful person,I believe the couple would love these very much.

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Beautiful wedding card.