Webcam Hack

Been freaking out for days, webcam kept coming on and making windows type noises, installed network monitor but it’s really detailed and a lot to watch, then it was staying on so rather than unplug it, I dug in and tried to track down why and how, task manager, device manager said no cam was attached, then decided to update driver, to old none available, then I found the problem :blush:

My left foot kept knocking the usb port it was plugged into, connecting and disconnecting it, so I caught the culprit red handed. I threaten to cut it off with a chop saw and the harassment stopped.



Im glad it was an inside job and has been handled lol…it would be much harder to track down if it was anyone else…


I’m glad it wasn’t a real hacker. Do you feel better now?


Yeah was ready to scrap my whole computer


Mine was at least 10 years old so today decided to upgrade to a new one, old one does not function well with windows 10 and probably not very secure, so this was on sale for $80.00 Logitech HD Pro Webcam (C920)

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I’m glad to hear that your webcam wasn’t actually hacked. Getting my webcam hacked is a super big fear of mine, even if I don’t have mine plugged in 24/7 and I have a desktop. It’s just one of those rational but in some circumstances irrational fears that I have. :confused:

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very common fear , even for those without schizophrenia, my old neighbor is out traveling the world right now and contacts me on skype right now, otherwise I don’t really use it much

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Yeah. I use Skype to talk with my online buddies that I can trust, but that’s it. Since I have a psychotic disorder and am prone to paranoia as a result, it made my fear pretty much skyrocket. I don’t worry about it all the time, but I do when I have my camera plugged in and when I’m using mobile devices that have cameras on them.