Weather Report

Another rainy day on the way in Michigan.
I’ve got an elephant on my chest. How’s your weather?

It’s very windy, sunny but there are great big cumulus clouds passing over, think it’s going to be a combination of heavy rain alternating with breaks of sunshine!

So that is where our rain went. Could you send it back please? We’re drying out here. We don’t like to be this dry. This is not a city that does well in heat. We have more and bigger auto accidents in sunny warm weather.

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In Michigan when spring comes and the snow is off the roads drivers race around like maniacs for a few days and crash into each other!!

partly cloudy now at night, but its going to rain tomorrow :smile: another day heralding the coming winter. Its forecast to be 17C tomorrow which in American terms is 63F

It’ll be 95 here when I get out of the dentist’s and I have to walk home.

Overcast skys with light showers every couple hours, low lands of the mid west!

it is 2 to 14 degrees here in australia, i live on a mountain range.
we need some rain.
take care

Half the U.S. is facing drought, I read yesterday.

Today has been somewhat of a rainy and cool day. It’s a lot better than that heat. That heat will get you!!

103° and 4% humidity in Southern California. Was like this yesterday and is supposed to be like this for a few more days.
Perfect for fires…I think 3 or 4 small fires popped up around the county yesterday. I saw a pic online, someone got a pic of 3 of the fires in one shot from an airplane, it looked horrible and amazing at the same time. I swear this half of the state is made of charcoal or something.

It will be 145 here today, so I’m, staying outside in my jacket to keep cool.

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