Weather check in

Its stormy here hasnt rained yet but I hear the thunder feels like my mood…how’s your weather

overcast but ii like it. its supposed to storm more

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overcast too…supposed to lightning and thunder!

i sense a theme with all of our weather

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Imnin the south

@flameoftherhine m in missouri (misery)


im in the northeast and its the same weather here!

its cloudy with a 100% chance of me getting a nachos supreme for dinner

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It’s cold and raining here.

In my part of Missouri, we had a small storm come over. Lightning thunder and heavy rain. Lots of dark grey clouds out there now.

Sunny and blue skies. California dreamin :sunny: :palm_tree:


south and raining but no lightning yet.

Cooled down a little today, but still too hot and unusually muggy. Hoping for thunderstorms, but so far none. :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

Are you still safe from the fires?

Aren’t you in California or was it Nevada? Are you near any of the wild fires or getting the smoke from the fires?

Do you like it when the lightning hits hard and makes a loud rumble afterwards? My mom likes this. Hehe. I kind of do too.

Yes, thanks! We want our thunderstorm for rain, but the lightning is always a worry. It’s been a fire-free summer for us (knock on wood) so far!

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Yes, we’re in the mountains in California :blush:
We had smoke from the nearest fire last week, but not anymore. We’ve been good so far…

@Hedgehog We’re getting all the smoke from the Monterey County fire even though we are well north of the fire. It’s just a brown smudgey smog everywhere in the SF Bay Area.

Sorry about that :slightly_frowning_face: But you do still live in the SF Bay Area! I used to live up there and miss it terribly. :blush:

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