Wear your masks!

I did a very stupid thing on Christmas Eve during my family’s small gathering.
I took off my mask because my father didn’t want to wear his.
Even though everyone there was vaccinated and many were tested, my father and I most likely came down with Covid.

Please, please wear a mask especially when you are indoors in public.

Don’t be an idiot like I was!

Omicron is highly contagious!


I got supposedly the best mask you can wear. Gonna definitely wear it to my interview today unless they say to take it off I’ll take it off I guess.

Mine is a KN95

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I wear one when out and about and on public transport and in shops. It’s ridiculous how many people don’t. I’m sorry, I hope you and your father feel better soon… :hugs:

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To be honest I don’t think masks help. I’ve always worn one and we have it now.

I hope feel better soon @Wave


Yeah I’m starting to think that the masks help a little but with Omicron, masking is not enough.


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