We would fit right in

Socializing is very difficult for people with schizophrenia, including me. But man, I’m here to tell you that we actually could fit right in. If you heard all the lame, stupid stuff that people say at work you would laugh. People just say so many idiotic things. They say stuff that doesn’t make sense. Man, I feel right at home with these guys AND girls. They give me confidence.

And here’s another secret. I run into so many people in my life who obviously don’t know what they are doing. It’s laughable but sometimes it makes me mad. People are just faking it or making up stuff as they go.

For instance, the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). I have big problems with all the paperwork that has anything to do with my car. I won’t get into details but it’s a complicated mess. I have called the DMV 6 times to straighten out the problems and I have gotten 6 different answers. I don’t know who to believe. I talk to some lady or man on the phone and I call back the next day to double check to see if I got all the information correct and I get a completely different answer. I ask each person if they are sure that what they are telling me is correct and they say yes. A couple of times I was talking to someone there and both of us knew that they didn’t know what they were talking about. Anyway, I have to call back Monday.

I’d try going there in person. It usually works best if they can see the person. Over the phone they can get away with more stuff. I worry about having the same problem with SSI. I called there and they said that Vocational Rehabilitation wouldn’t effect my money, but I don’t believe them. With SSI you have to pay for your rent and bills. One day I’ll go there and straighten it all out.

My social problem is that I get interested in a conversation when I’ve only given it half an ear so I don’t really know what they’re talking about. So either they have to stop everything and explain it to me or I contribute erroneously because of my half assed information. I’ve got to be a better listener and start listening right away.

I made an appointment and I went once. I drove all the way there and I brought all the paper work like a lady told me on the phone and I stood in line and when my turn came up, I told the lady behind the desk what I needed and she told me she couldn’t help me and she directly contradicted what the women on the phone told me. But I have to keep trying and figure this mess out.

My room mate is out partying after get off work, at 12 his boss came by looking for him, and ask me to tell him he has work in the morning. but hes not home should I call him or wate tell he comes in? eather way he well talk ■■■■.

Can you send him a text message?

he say he didn’t get it. no

Have you searched on the DMV website for an answer to your question(s)? If you do speak to someone from the DMV on the phone or in person, ask them to show you where the information is located on their website so that you can see for yourself whether they are blowin smoke or not.

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Hm. The DMV is crap. What I’d do is leave my stuff in the car and drive there every day for a week, so the people there can get to know your face. :smile:

Ask to talk to the person in charge. Do you research on their website to see what that person’s name is.

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I can’t go every day because I have to go to work three days a week. Also, the lines are almost always huge, so I hate going unless I have an appointment. But you’re right, talking to the person in charge is a good idea.

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Oh DMV. The greatest beuocracy to ever walk the earth. Slow walk the earth that is.

I generally act well. I can pretend to be social when in reality I am dying to leave. I never know eye contact so tend to use a crap ton of probably frightening body language. I am actually known for it. I tend to be a creeper. I watch how others interact and then I copy it as best a I can. It’s worked so far…

Aw sharp dont call yourself a creeper…everyone is awkward at times…i am also awkward in public…but not online so how do you do goodbye.

Oh I am quite a creeper XD. I always wear the same outfit of a black pea coat, black finger-less gloves, a black fedora, and jeans. Even in Ca when it gets up to 99 degrees I still wear it. I tend to pace around in circles when I am thinking or talking to myself…not creepy at all XD.

But, I am not alone :smiley: . My best friend wears the same hiking pants(she has many of the same pair), tee shirts, and trench coats.

We work well as the “weirdos” but we have to much fun being dweebs to care.

I fall into this catagory also…if we were rich we would be eccentric but since i lack millionaire status im just that intimidating odd fellow who has never givin anyone a real reason to be scared but most people are anyway lol

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The truth! Maybe I can pull of the strange but cool atmosphere :sunglasses:

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Try walking into DMV 15-20 minutes before they close, take a ticket, sit down and wait for your number to be called, which will be within 20 minutes max.

Seems they can’t lock the doors early depending on volume of people waiting, and they sure as heck don’t want to work any later than they have to, they suddenly turn into efficient speed demons that get everyone taken care of and OUT the door on time.

I do this anytime I have to deal with the creeps. It’s never failed me so far, and I like to watch them sweat.

Yes, I could possibly do that, I’ll keep that in mind.