We went bowling

Kay and I took her little sister, niece and her cousin bowling. It was ok at first but then I started having severe anxiety. I forgot my anxiety med at home. It went from a good time to a bad night


I’m sorry to hear your night got ruined! :confused:

It’s good that you tried though. You should still count it as a victory.

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I keep a bottle of Geodon, Wellbutrin and Xanax in my car at all times. I hope you are feeling better now though.

I haven’t had to pop a Xanax at my current job but at my last job my boss watched me going to pop one in the parking lot. I think he thought I was leaving. He never said anything about it to me though.

It’s not good to keep medicine in your car on a hot day. It can damage the meds.

Well then the glass is half full.

You learned to bowl.
you had some fun.
You learned to tuck anxiety meds into a tiny pill container for your pocket when you go out.

and best of all, you get a re-do, dont you?
more fun!

really, you did good.

My Xanax in the car works just fine. I could see the Geodon capsules melting though. But they haven’t yet.

Sometimes I forget to take my meds in the morning and if I start to feel bad or psychotic at work I go pop a Geodon and a Wellbutrin because that’s what I take in the morning. I have only been working a little more than a month and I have had to go to my car and take a Geodon and a Wellbutrin twice so far.

I haven’t had an anxiety attack yet though thankfully.

Had the same experience playing golf, everything was going well then extreme anxiety, had to take a time out.

We went bowling again Saturday it was fun. Our original lane malfunctioned so they moved us but they put us closer to the drunks so we only played two games. Then the girls played air hockey for a while

You could carry your meds in a man purse, just a suggestion.