We want money because we have needs

Basic Living 101. Sometimes the obvious gets ignored.

And the more money you have the greater your needs can grow.

If you’re not careful. Money is like fire and water, can be friend or foe.

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My formula is to live like I am earning minimum wage, and only spend when necessary

I live well within my means, which has resulted in me saving a lot of money

The only thing I blow money on is my tools for my business, but that’s necessary for work and tax deductible


Our respective governments can supply the basic amount of $1000/month to those who are unable to work due to disability or whatever reason if we qualify their criteria. Money is a form of exchange for goods & services all humans require or need. No billionaire or millionaire for that matter earns their income from receiving disability benefits from the government. CEOs, Professional athletes, Entertainers, Music artists, founders of corporations etc… all earn their money by their career, expertise or vocation. Their basic needs are covered.

hey what kind of business you got. ? you pay in ? or is it trade ? do you have fun with it?

Yeah, I need money.


And for what do you need money? Basic Living 102.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs should be covered by the government. Well, at least the physiological needs at least.

the cost of a good shirt 45 bucks what i get in my pay wallmart clarance 3 buck one. the cost of food, hotdog V stake cost. house hold goods make do. so back off,

Don’t we all need money?

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maybe it need to be upsidedown, just a thought.

You mean the Maslow’s Needs pyramid? Yeah, well sociology & psychology as well as organizational behaviour teach that. You can try to change the teaching curriculum if you’d like but not sure if the majority of universities would go well with that.

My Mayflower ancestors instilled in their descendants a desperate insecurity about physiological needs. More than half of them died their first winter in America.

I’m sorry to hear about your ancestors migration to America during their first winter. Migrating from East Asia to America through Alaska is a very daunting and dangerous task. Usually housing is the first thing that new settlers to an unexplored land establish.

For housing, they stayed on the ship at first.

Sailing in the vast ocean, there is no land to build houses.

They anchored off the coast until huts were built.

The first early explorers of America from Europe.

Yes, the Mayflower was the name of the ship. They weren’t explorers, they were settlers. They left England for freedom of their religious beliefs.