We talk about suffering and problems

And how hard life is. But not everything is hard, right? I don’t know if I’m the only one but life isn’t always hard! Of course I’m like anyone else and you can’t ignore certain serious situations or life’s daily trials and tribulations. But I’m sitting in my car at a McDonadld’s eating a late lunch and enjoying a clear blue sky with just enough breeze to make it perfect warm weather. Nothing hard about this. And that’s just one example

And every problem is not hard to solve. I thought every problem was a mountain to be climbed and conquered for years. But now, sometimes the answers to problems just “come to me”. I don’t know if it is my age (57) or what but it’s sure a relief.

And on a related subject, when I spend to much time alone I think and analyze stuff way too much. Sometimes I create problems for myself with my thinking. But also, sometimes I think of past delusions from years ago and I realize, “Hey, no one else knows this.” And since no one else knows it, my mind figures that it should let it go and I treat it like it never existed. It’s not hurting anybody when I do this so good riddance to the delusions my mind created! I don’t know if anybody else can relate.


I can relate. I do a lot of self-talk until I discover my head is aching from it. But I don’t know how to take it easy socially, yet.

I agree. On my good days: I laugh, I joke, I feel inspired.

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We do tend to think more about our woes then our blessings. I think we are very negative species naturally. Itd be cool if we could focus more on our blessings than our woes. Instead of complaining, we can praise what makes our life good in group rather than what’s bad. Sounds like heaven to me.


I’m blessed by the smartest, sweetest, cutest, kindest 16 old son ever. I couldn’t be more proud.


LOL I think we do talk about our blessings a lot. I think I was just being weird or something. I mean some people need to talk about their blessings more and less about their problems. But a lot of people do have a good balance of the negative and positive.

It’s a forum for people with severe mental illness. Of course we talk about suffering and problems. This isn’t happypeoplewithnotaprobleminthworldpositivityforums.com :sweat_smile:

There are also a good number of threads that are silly or fun, or positive, or just people talking about their normal days. If you’re doing well and would rather not dwell on the bad stuff, then don’t look at those threads. It’s as simple as that.

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