We shouldn't allow it

We shouldn’t allow the media to get access to our bowel movements and private conversations in our own homes! We should take immediate decisive action now. Working men of all countries unite! #media #stars #die

:open_mouth: umm…


Why media get access to our bowel movements?

Hmm bowel movements. Private conversations. What about private conversations about bowel movements? That is most sacred here.

Some of our problems are tragic but some are comical as hell

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I hope you’re not suggesting that you’re in favor of the media having access to our bowel movements, Beardii. I would think that in this one thing, we can stand united :poop::pouting_cat::poop:


We are on the same side. Poop for science, not for the media! http://www.openbiome.org/stool-donation/


Sounds like you’re a bit delusional over this. Something to talk to your doctor about, for sure. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

lol. you really aren’t amusing yourself? hey, question. what are they going to do with this information? where can I find information on other people’s bowel movements?

Yesterday I willingly donated two samples. I don’t know where you are OP, but I had to wait over an hour for them just to take the ■■■■ off my hands. I was ready to walk out after 5 minutes. They really do NOT seem to want to know about MY bowels in these parts.

I’m more worried about this part.
Buddy, you’re definitely not well, go seek help please.

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