We’re going to rely on Uber from now on

My father and I can’t rely on my brother for rides to the doctors anymore.
And we can’t ask my aunt to takes us places.

Shes in her 70s and lives like 40 minutes away from us.

It’s really not fair to ask them, my brother can’t handle the added responsibility of driving us around places.

His life is a wreck right now plus he works a lot.

So instead we are going to take an Uber back and forth to the vaccine site so my dad can get vaccinated this week.

We are also taking an Uber next week so my father can get an MRI done on his lower back.

The weather is supposed to be bad this week and the following week.

My father is in no shape to drive and I’m too frightened to drive especially on snowy roads.

So glad we don’t have to rely on my brother anymore.

He would rub it in our faces if he drove us.

Good riddance!


That seems like a good solution.

Happy for you that your dad is getting vaccinated.

That must be a relief for the both of you.


Yes thanks @anon1517417
It will be his second dose.

I’m proud of him.


I’ve never taken an Uber. They aren’t in my area I don’t think.

We have taxis. Lol.


We don’t have taxis in my area.
Only Uber and Lyft drivers.

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