We picked a name

My fiancé and I took a step in the right direction this weekend. Since we had our big fight, he flushed all his drugs and made sure that my New Years Eve and New Years Day were extra special. One of the things we did together was we sat down with a book of baby names and we didn’t stop until we found one that we both loved. So we’ve decided to name our son Ben Maxwell. Not Benjamin, his legal name will just be “Ben.” 50 points if you can figure out why


Good name …!!!

Thanks! :slight_smile: we hope he likes it

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Um… Ben Affleck? :grin:

Congrats! :baby:

Haha nope but you’re on the right track with movies and actors and such. And thank you!


Ben-Hur or Ben Stiller or Ben Hecht

Nope! But good guesses

Ben Garcia or what or Ben Stein or Ben Harper or Ben Alexander or Ben Gamla school

I hope he does like his name. My dad got my first name from a bank teller he met once.

Ben Markowitz or what

Ben Carson

Ben Rodger

Ben Kingsley

Boka Hela Ben

You’re naming the kid after Ben and Jerrys icecream. :smile:


Ben Maller or what

Ben Goldberg

Ben Rector Setlist

Ben Carson

Ben Tanzer

Ben Urwand

Ben Ave

Ben Gold

Ben Hayden

Hevy Ben

Ben Ayade

Ben Shapiro

Ben Collins

Ben Gibbard

Ben VonWong

Koko Ben Suites

Ben Girmay

Ben Thompson

Did I miss the name or what ???

All I could come up with was big ben(maybe you really like britain) or uncle ben from spider man.

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Very good answer

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Thank you.

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I think Benten is a good name…!!!

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Ben Tennison…

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Ben Skywalker …


Wow I forgot that completely