We need to talk about pixel's title

Or maybe not. Just thought it would make another good title :blush:
Anyways…@velociraptor maybe you don’t understand your own humour but I can tell you its freaking hilarious… Say whaaat! :metal:
Cheers to our funny guys @velociraptor @nomad @Patrick you make us laugh when we would rather cry… OK getting pathetic


It’s not the size of your army, it’s the fury of its onslaught. :wink:

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What makes you think Pixel had anything to do with it? (Beckons Rhubot to take a bow)


It was just based upon reliable reports.


This is what happens when you feed the Mogwai after midnight.


All mods at one place, yay me! Elite thread :blush::blush:
Waiting for @Minnii to move it to the right place though :grinning:

Better make sure no one sprinkles any water on me :scream_cat:

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Yeh. Holy water.

[ snicker ]

Pixel said, The numbers are all wrong,

odd and even, I think I must be schizophrenic. And the teacher said,
Yes, you’ve got sum.

And Pixel said, No, it’s not total. And the teacher said, Yes, but you know how to add to my class.

And Pixel said, I prefer take away. And the teacher said, keep drawing the line, you’ll get the answer.

What the what?!?

Lady, if there’s one thing I haven’t got, it’s your number. You confuse the hell out of me.

Once a schizophrenic went into a dime store, the last one for miles,

and he said to the clerk, I’ve already paid the price, but how much do you want for that stuffed monkey?
And the clerk said, it’s yours if you see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil.

So he took the monkey home but left it out in the rain, and then the schizophrenic said,
I guess we’re all washed out, but I did make a clean sweep.

If that’s an allegory I must say I’m too dumb

Each man in the room was schizophrenic, they didn’t need to talk, there was enough.

Then the instructor said, I’m sure each and every one of you has a voice.

And the schizophrenics laughed til they nearly peed their pants.


Moved to Unusual Beliefs. It was fun while it lasted.

Molunter Voderator. (!)


@velociraptor did you see “despicable me”? And there was a subtle joke where the bad guy was victor " vector" and his enemies were the rastas “raster”

Did you catch that graphics joke?

Yeah, loved that film.

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I also adore Despicable Me. But i missed that particular joke. I still read subtitles.

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forgiveness oh thy holy ones on not saying anything odd or off beat or thinking I too have humor.

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Newsflash: I miss almost all conventional humour, but I’m pretty good at recognizing it. Looks like you aren’t.

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No, it’s not an allegory, it’s a play on words.

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