We need to feel a win now and again

I’m feeling a sense of victory - 7 1/2 weeks without smoking. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt successful about anything, even though I’ve had some other successes. (controlling my weight). Now is the first time I am allowing myself to feel really good about it.


Reward yourself Chordy, it will re-enforce your determination to quit. Yeah, I savor my occasional victories.

I’m bragging like a rooster. My provider made me a button that says “New Ex-Smoker” and I wear it everywhere. And if people don’t notice it, I point it out to them until they comment - usually something like “Good for you.”


Good for you, lol.

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:trophy: :trophy: :trophy: :trophy::blush:

take care :alien:

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I like your little braggings about quiting smoke, chordy. This is fun.