We MAY get family counseling AND

I can stop paying rent to my folks to save for a place…

Exciting because I’ve changed for the better (with age) since becoming aware of my diagnosis in 2009, and could conceivably get a roomie since I have much more faith (now) that I have SOMEthing to offer when it comes to being a ‘companion’. i.e, being and having company.

I Just gotta rehearse and take a laser like focus toward doing my dishes!! And Taking out the trash, but again I think I can…


Glad things appear to be moving forward for you @anon64158233 . I was diagnosed in 2009 too.

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How much do you pay for rent?

I lived with my folks for 10 years and never paid a dime rent. But I paid all my other bills.

I saved $$$ over that 10 years

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I don’t wanna say; it began as my idea, but my folks weren’t really allowing me to feel pride?

In another time/space I may have flat out said, but the cavalry may have come calling, via a first cousin, who evolved into a ‘champion’ of mine.

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