We may be laughing a bit to loud

its been awhile since I’ve honestly had time to talk to ya, as you noticed I’ve eased off my cartoons as some of the pictures haven’t been quit what I wanted but posted anyway. my life has been changing as I’m taking on some new and old goals, the new goals include having an art studio to fashion together yard art, old goals such as diabetic dieting and working with somone who has lost a loved one has taken a lot of my time up lately, my roommate of 3 long years is moving out to pursue his goals and I have lots of inner work in my house to do, I have a grandson who is having a bday this month, I can say my mother has been very supportive and my girlfriend has been a little distant, the band hasn’t gotten together since the drummer took his drums home but I’m confident that this fall we will get together. although I have been doing a lot of reading on the board I hav noticed the population increasing but the amount of categories has not increased to help the flow of people that come here perhaps we need to think on broadening the categories like "todays goals/achievements’ “schizophrenia health” “common and and uncommon symptoms” just to mention a few. as a world community it is critical for us to look at points of view with not only our status and wealth, but more of a scientific point of view, we are a governed statistic on the internet. what you say, do or talk about, can affect the world.


Lots of changes at DrZen’s house ! Congratulations on the new baby. I guess that makes you a great grandfather now. Keep rocking DrZen!


You know, @TheGreatestDrZen, I think that’s the most coherent post or even thread started I’ve seen you write! Seems like, for the most part, there’s been a lot of good things happening to you. Same for me. Congrats!

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Yeah lots of changes for you Dr Zen.
Sometimes change is a good thing.
Wishing you the best.

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What kind of music do you play?

Glad to hear you’re doing well. :v: :slight_smile:

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