We lost a housemate today

She’d been in our home (Adult Foster Care) 3 or 4 years and we just couldn’t keep her any longer. She needed a different situation. I feel so down about it, like it’s a personal failure to lose her. She had dementia and was the only black in our home. I don’t think she could trust us very much. It is sad.


Hopefully she found another place where shes safe

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Feel for you, @chordy . It is sad when you eventually lost someone who lived in the same house with you.

I think Drinking a cup of hot tea or coffee will help you.


Our home is safe, her danger was in herself. She is in a hospital now, until they get her in a more specialised home. She was stealing and refused to bathe. The whole house was beginning to stink from her. She would not use a toilet, but used buckets in her room. We played along with her as long as we could but we had a limit. She’d leave without saying where she was going, fill a shopping cart with items she couldn’t pay for, and made nonsense phone calls. It just added up to her needing a more controlled home. I wonder if she’ll ever wake up to the fact that she had it good here.

Well i hope she gets some type of help. She must have been really struggling

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Yes, you could see the struggle in her face. But she refused to take meds.

Well in the hospital she might get the help she needs


Yes, that is what we are hoping. I will pray for her compliance even though I’ll probably never see her again.


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