We lost a good one!

I’ve been vacant for a bit but we really lost one of the great producers/ songwriters of the generation with the passing of Steve Albini. His production was all so good with albums like the Pixies Surfer Rosa and even Nirvana’s In Utero. Amazing talent and his bands like Big Black and Shellac were absolutely amazing.

He was an amazing producer and musician and he often trod the line between good taste but he was a good one…It’s sad. I’ve seen Shellac 3 times in my life and always amazing shows. Shellac were so tight and so good so go check em out and see what you think.

For me. The height of a man who liked to tread the fine line between sense and sensibility…and absolute pure absolute confrontishness!..

Rip. The great Steve! ( language and concept warning! ) . We lost a champion of indie American music…