We know too little about schizophrenia

I wish to understand what is the problems facing with me but there’s just too little i find. I’m not satisfied with the neurotransmitters imbalance theory how come suddenly there’s an imbalance what caused it i think it doesnt tell me anything. I think there is sth wrong with my brain but what is it i want a clearer answer.


It’s Spiritual Thee End .

There is a lot of ambiguity and mystery behind schizophrenia - it is just a very difficult diagnosis to understand, even by the mental health professionals.

I would like to think that my brain is damaged somehow - being stamped with the SZA label does not explain lots of things.

Psychiatry is synonymous with guess work - I am personally disgusted with the DSM 5 and how these psychiatrists diagnose these mental illnesses.

Its one big ■■■■■■■ joke if you ask me.

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I disagree, we know about schizophrenia much more now than 20-30 years ago and scientists are continuing their research as these new gene findings prove. As the time passes in next 20 years we know much more and more advanced medications will be available for sufferers. I trust that psychiatrists and psychologists know much more than we sufferers may do. Mysteries that common people have are solved eventually. I believe in science and scientists. We who have no medical training must just trust our helpers, nurses, doctors and other people like them.

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The diagnostic system is to be laughed at.

I want real testing - MRIs - blood work etc…

Diagnosing mental illnesses through a 45 minute interview session is not the way to go.

We lag behind in this sense.

I want real testing methods MRI’s - Blood work - Scans - etc…

Relying on the DSM5 for a diagnosis is laughable - please …


My theory was stress-induced microtearing inside nerve walls in the brain. What people don’t like about my theory is that it involves looking at voices & images as objective factors that can be experienced once you have pierced nerval walls inside the brain. A sort of “sneak peak” into other dimensions in our “multiverse”.

The way to fix a tear of any kind is through micronutrient dieting - high B, C, and D vitamins and adequate amounts of aminos, glycogen, and fat.

This guy Thomas knows a lot


Very interesting Mortimer - thank you for the article

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Yea thank you. 15 years seems far off. I’ll be 41 by then. I hope I live longer than 56.

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