We humans are lacking in grace

I feel as a SZ person I am much more graceful than your average person. More serene. This is when I’m not psychotic of course. But I see people bumbling into a room, stomping their feet on the cool floor. Doors slamming everywhere. We are not graceful us humans. When I think of aliens I think of grace. In order for them to find peace; In order for them to find an interstellar way of life, they had to be graceful. The way we went to the moon was so ungraceful. Humans are lacking in grace. And that will be our downfall. We will never space travel because we are not graceful creatures. We are wobbling, babbling, imbeciles, for the most part. Who will destroy our planet before we get a chance to do great things. Because we are lacking grace.

What do you think

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People are quite graceful in my opinion.

The way a woman gracefully holds her hair back when she is vomiting on the side of the toilet from drinking to much vodka.

The way a glutton reaches for yet another burrito. His hand glides smoothly through the air.

The way a man’s fist flies through the air as it rams into another mans face in a drunken brawl caused by some maniacal put down or false perception. Quite graceful.

And how graceful people slam the door in another’s face when they have broken up for the last time. Not to mention accurately.

How we step over the needy in the street, very graceful actually.

There is an abundance of grace in this world.


i like the word ’ grace '…but yes i agree your kind won’t ever reach the stars.
take care :alien:

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My version of graceful: Walking out of my bedroom and turning directly to the right into the wall in the dark when heading to the kitchen for a glass of water. Most graceful stubbed toes and nosebleed, ever. If this is graceful, you can have it.

(I have to live in a new home for at least a year before I stop trying to sleepwalk to the layout of the previous home.)


Grace - you give yourself a minute before… .

I noticed this too. I try to be as graceful and fluid as I can and be in sync with the environment.

Then there’s my wife…she trips over her own feet and manages to fall out/off of things on a regular basis.

This is a lot of writing man… are you feeling aight?

What we lack in grace, we make up for with extreme stupidity.