We have bed bugs I don't know where they came from

Discusting creatures!

I seen a show and to get rid of them they brought these heaters into the house to increase the temperature to kill them all. Could they have gotten to you from next door it is a possibility.

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Burn the house down :fire:


You beat me to it. :smiley:

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I had them before :bug:

I have not seen them but I’ve been itching like anything.

  1. Are you taking your meds as prescribed right now?

  2. Are you drinking a lot of alcohol?

  3. Are you taking any combination of illegal uppers and downers?


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Oh Lord!

You can sometimes cover everything in diatomaceous earth from garden center. Wash all clothing/bedding in hot. Put bedding/most clothing in trashbags, cover in diatomaceous earth and leave for weeks. Cover everything else - floor, furniture, mattress – in the powder and leave it on for 2 weeks. Won’t hurt humans or mammal pets. Don’t want to eat it but won’t hurt a grooming pet.

Otherwise, the exterminator charges $3k to heat up a regular sized house with hot air which seems to be only way to kill these.

You can get these from furniture even, the eggs are black dots and stuck in the corners on almost anything wooden/metal. You may have just found out you shouldn’t recycle where you live. If you get a lot of asian/indians visitors, this seems to be where it comes from bringing it in when family visits and ruining furniture and even ruining malls where tourists shopped & tried on stuff. African refuges are other source of it…some cities took a lot of the refuges, allowed to keep their stuff without delousing it and moved them into cheap apartments – then you and I catch it. Most of the landlords won’t handle this right so you may end up needing to move, throw out all except some clothing and start again if you don’t want to pay for own exterminator.

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I had a girl ask me if I’ve ever had be bugs… it was a left field kind of question for sure

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Ick! Nasty, persistent, expensive problem.

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Not everything is down to mental illness. I’m pretty sure these red blotches on my skin on my dads skin are not hallucinations lol I’ve never done deugs and have not had alcohol in almost a year

Starting to feel that way, innit?


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Sorry pixel I had no idea the lounge even existed

A bit confused… but either way, red blotches are often indicators for stress and/or nervous reactions thereto. (That they appear fairly commonly on the skin of drug- or alcohol-using pts is what moves me to ask the questions I asked.)

He has red blotches also. I have mine on my feet. I slept downstairs it solved the problem.

Okay; good. 15 15 15

The tell-tale sign of bedbugs is new bite marks in the shape of a triangle. Anywhere…hands, arms, whatever…but it’s USUALLY the legs. Qualifications? Caught a bed bug infestation at the last place I lived at. Had to move all of our ■■■■ around and wash it. Then they fumigated the apartment, and we finally got over it. Wasn’t even our fault. Damn things can move through the walls. Horrible, just an awful experience.

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