We have a water main break

And I didn’t know and drank a cup of coffee with it this morning. Now no water is coming out at all. Guess I have to buy water today. Every time it breaks they tell us they’ll fix it in 4-6 hours, but it always takes days



That super sucks.

I hope they’re able to fix it soon.

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Yeah. Thanks @anon54386108

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Erf. You have to BUY water? It’s usually the responsibility of the municipality to provide water. Our last one had a truck in the neighbourhood giving out two free bottles of water to anyone showing ID from the affected neighbourhood.


They’ve never offered water, so yeah, we have to buy it

That’s very inconsiderate. The neighbourhoods most prone to water main breaks tend to be the older ones with more lower income people. They can least afford to pony up for H2O.


Yeah. The people in my neighborhood are poor

Thank your tax dollars hard at work. Ours just go to new stealth jets and Jeff Bezos.


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