We have a stat page

One more like and i have 666 likes…and then i will have all the power i need MuHahagahagsdd as gd151515…


Öh-Øh, Me! mememememememem me do it.

And my mission on earth is completed all your base are belong to me…

667 :smile: :smile: :smile:


Noooo…and now i have to make a new account and try again…it eould be you @Minnii …its always @Minnii …attempt number 437 is a fail…ill be back


668 :smile: :smile: :smile: :upside_down:

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Ah im going to make my next profile @minnii2.0 and take your avatar and photoshop some angry eyebrows on it…and only post potatoes…


Ahahaha Do itttt

I dont remember this accounts password lol so we would have 2 minnii’s but one would only post about potatoes and the other would be me also only posting potatoes

Lol. I would spend a week only posting potatoes if you would do that

Oh no not only did you out funny me and thwart my plan for domination via 666…but now you ate challenging me to a…challenge…are you satan?

No, I’m santa. Hohoho


So [satan = santa = @Minnii] + [@Minnii2.0 + potato likes to 666 ] = dead pool + jesus = sun implosion style earth death …i think this is a bad idea santa

Yeah, we would probably just confuse the other posters. “Minnii staaahp it!! What are you doing!! This potato thing has gone too far”

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