We find our own treatment

No one else but you can manage your mental illness. This starts with the doctors and what they think might better you. Tinkering with meds has been costly. But even they have no real clue what is optimal for you.

I think everyone should want their mind and body feeling it’s best. But only you can do that.

Knowledge to me is like a cure all, if I know the remedy for my sickness I won’t have to deal with it.

There are so many diagnosis out there. Why do you think the medical field is so large?

I believe I don’t have to suffer at all from what they call sza. I believe there is better treatment I cannot obtain, afford or know how to get.

Nature has like a counter balance to its illnesses. You have the sickness and the cure.

It’s how well we understand how we feel. Physiologically. I can reach the limit of how well I can treat my illness, but there will exist an even better way.

Finding that way day in, has been staple of maintaining stability. We just hope some magic pill we can swallow for a cure.

Even if I was 100% well there would be 100 things that could make it worse again.

We have our own health and must mind others. Others affect us negatively or positively.

The sermon to mental illness is a long one. Goes back and persists today around the globe.

I feel we are in the temporary. Sound mind. Spirit. Knowledge of how the body works. Breathe, nutrition how it energizes and makes us feel.

Happiness. Love. Is not ruined for us.


Live in a way that feels rested. Live in a way that causes good health. Don’t live in a way that causes bad health.

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Yeah if only they taught some fundamental lessons about mental health back in grade school/high school health classes. Maybe I could have seen this coming.

I blame them too… I would of read about it, and found a way around it, had I been taught well in grade/high school. In my circumstance however.