We drove over a hundred miles just to see the Great Lakes

And once we got there it was just a bunch of water. I feel cheated, at the very least they could have set off some fireworks or have a brass band playing. But Nope. All it was, was some water. So we threw a rock in it, then turned around and drove a hundred miles back home.

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I’m a Michigander and I feel a little offended by your disappointment. When did you live 100 miles from us?

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I was visiting my step-sister in W. Virginia.

I live across the street from a Great Lake, and I concur. It’s just water. It’s really pretty, but it makes so much effing snow it’s ridiculous.

I love your state and I love your lakes, @chordy :two_hearts:

I always loved hanging out at the lakes, @77nick77. It always chilled me out :smile_cat:

Oh, you must have visited Lake Erie. Did you also see Niagra?