We don't know love

I dry sponge will not absorb water easily. A damp sponge will absorb water easily. szs are like a dry sponge. We do not absorb love well.

one day your heart will grow to large and know to much love my friend then what?

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That’s when you have used force to make the dry sponge absorb the water.

depression is an easy state of mind that’s why we have spongebob

I’ve heard about SpongeBob but I don’t watch it. I don’t need that.

I agree. We don’t absorb love, however, we do learn to become loving, kind, and sometimes overtly
capable of loving others. I know it’s still hard to accept loving kindness from even my parents to this day, and I’m 35.

Don’t give up.

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Thats deep. …15 for crying out loud!

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Then there ya go! You’re hormones are blasting all over the place. Sponge Bob is just a venereal disease. I cringe when see it anywhere.