We dont exist

so if existence is based on what the majority of people accept/believe to exist. then we, as an individual person, do not exist. since we are only known by 0.00001% of the world. the vast majority doesnt know us and will never know we exist. therefore we do not exist.

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But this argument holds for the majority of the people. So the majority of the people does not even exist. But then nothing exists! But then the term existence becomes meaningless… Oh dear!

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No wonder I feel unreal sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:


well to put it into perspective.
if aliens have already touched down on earth that means the whole world is in a loop and we’ve already re-lived this life plenty of times over furthermore if we have already lived this life many times over we’ve already made it to the stage of becoming god and if a human is god, god would be sick and merciful so to put it into perspective on the first time we lived in this planet we made it all the way and became god, now we’re on whatever loop and in the distant future we will encounter aliens which we also created and therefore when we meet aliens either a war or something happens and the loop starts all over again and they come to us at the start of time.

Why would this be true?
Because when we became god we found out the truth about our planets star and that is that it traps people in there for eternity in a place called hell. and we’ve got to relive this life over and over again to get out of hell.


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Check your logic.

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Hahah nice one. The 1st video was kind of weird but the 2nd one was a total snake-move by the president.