We don't do it. And it doesn't bother me that much (tmi)

But it’s bothering me that it doesn’t bother me. We’ve only done it once in 9 months together. I want to… But the time never right :roll_eyes:

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Intimacy is normal in a relationship.
If he’s avoiding it or not interested, there is something wrong.
Discussing it with him and being honest is the best route.

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I think it’s more me. I’m not an intimate person and he initates hugs and holding hands at the table but I feel shy about it.


I also have intimacy issues.


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Sex is supposed to be fun. You’re missing out on fun. If you like each other enough you can talk about sex openly and iron out the problems and overcome the hang-ups and enjoy yourselves!
My dad told me long ago that everybody has sex problems. But some of them can be solved.

You like this guy, right? You trust this guy, right? Well just put the cards on the table and have a talk with him about sex. The truth is that you are luckier than most of us on here because you found someone who would be willing to have sex with you. Count your blessings.


I don’t want to get involved in this thread too much but it actually might be a good idea to sit down and talk about sex with this guy. If the relationship is serious enough and you both see a future with each other, it might be good to find out each others views and see where each other stands on sex so it is clear and there are no misunderstandings. Right now you just might be making assumptions about each others views on sex and you might be wrong. And that could possibly spell trouble down the line.


I know this sounds bad @77nick77 but I think the problem is me. None of us are all that experienced but I’m the least :flushed:

I would love to find a woman like that. Most are pushy more so than me

Maybe your friend could show you the ropes and teach you a few things. Maybe not though. I mean lots of people are awkward at sex. You hear people say it comes naturally but it’s not true for everybody and it’s like anything: the more you do it, the more you learn and become better at it. It takes practice and doing it with someone who cares for you makes it easier to learn and maybe eventually you will learn to enjoy it.

Ha! Eat your heart out Dr. Ruth, there’s a new expert in town and there ain’t enough room for the both of us.

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