We didn't buy it


We didn’t buy the car. Would have needed way too much work even for getting the car for three hundred.

I’m a little sad it was one more step closer to getting out of here.


That is too bad. But you want to have a dependable car. :lion::lion::lion:


You can’t get much car for 300 bucks. That is really cheap even for a family deal.


Yeah I know he said it did have an oil leak. My father in law checked it over and he said it would cost more than the car is worth to fix. All i remember it was a la sabre


Do you not have buses where you live?


We have a Medicaid van but it’s expensive for non doctor appointment rides.


Do you guys not have public transportation there?


The y van is pretty much it. It’s a van transportation system ran by the YMCA. If you’re on Medicaid and going to appointments it’s free but other places like the store it’s 4 dollars two on the way there and two on the way back. And that’s only if within a few square miles.


Wow. That’s crazy. We have buses in most places. Even rural areas.


They’ll take you to the more populous towns but it’s expensive


So sorry to hear you didn’t get a car…three hundred dollars probably wouldn’t help you for a car that much…


He was hoping to add himself to the in laws insurance and buy their van but neither happened so it was just a bad deal all around.


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