We could escape

People can escape this place you know. No one needs to keep watching their children get maimed, no one needs to keep getting cancer, don’t have to keep fighting wars, etc…

People don’t have to keep doing this over and over again, and there is really no point in continuing, never really was.

They’ll see what i mean soon, agony will embrace them and death will kiss them for the first time and they’ll see what i mean.

Im really sick of watching my three year old niece walk about this earth, i know full well what is going to happen to her, it’s painful to watch.

Only a fool would have kept going, not even an evil person, even evil people who are intelligent enough would not keep going, only a fool.

Possibly there’s more to it.

What if it all were just an easy solution? I mean, I just sit here and watch. And sulk. What if everyone was doing that? Watching and sulking and… while all the things bad in the world enjoyed they’re immunity. “We’re their excuse.” They say. I’ve seen a lot of complaining… by everyone. I’ve heard them all. But I haven’t ever seen anything done about it. Maybe I’m getting it all wrong… missing the joke. Maybe it was all a joke by someone bored, or something…

We are most certainly not their excuse.

How do you know? Have you ever said: “Hey you! Knock it off!”

Have you ever gone up to somebody doing something wrong, and stopped them from doing it? Going: “Hey! You’re in my scope! And in my scope you’re not allowed to do that.” If they tell ya to mind your own business, say it is your business. You gotta watch them…

You could be the only person in the whole world who can stop it. And even if it means death… better to die a martyr for a good cause.

But don’t just complain about it… The people listening, not only do they lack your perspective, they lack your conviction. And they won’t stop it… They’ll only make it worse.

Ok, so it’s coming, the inevitable. So what are we supposed to do with the time while we wait?
Be miserable? Why? You have a choice to be miserable, or be happy, …or maybe somewhere in between. It don’t change the fact that we are all going to die one day, we just don’t know when.
Reminds me of the bully in jr. High school who said “the adults can force me to attend school every day, but, I’m not going to let them teach me anything”.
Right, who’s laughing now?

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I don’t choose it, it just happens that way.

Im not saying it’s right, but it’s just a mechanism inside of my rotting meat.