We can never recover completly

i would say i was almost completely recovered but i will never be completely recovered as long as i keep taking the med but i need to keep taking it to maintain my stability,

so how do we recover completely?

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if only this were the age of star trek medicine. Neuroscience has a long way to go. In my case I feel the people like me being schizo, but that is probably just paranoid thinking. They tell me its not real but it certainly seems like it is. I began entering thoughtless states of mind to try and control what goes through my head and even though im not thinking the telepathy just doesnt stop. It is now my goal to train myself out of thinking as my default state. To just be the human animal and watch the world around. Ive done enough thinking in my life and it only seems to have gotten me into trouble. Honestly I never expect to recover. I want to for a long time… It was an obsession, but now I just feels healthier accepting things as the way they are and learning to live a normal inside my symptoms. Im probably wrong but Im pretty sure they all stare through me so the best i can do is become thoughtless and give them nothing to say. Be above the judgments of their telepathy. I aspire to end up with a decent job that I can retire off of. Im gonna have to work hard to get there, but all that said my life is really no different than anybody elses. I just prefer silence or like getting as close to it as I can. If they are telepaths they really dont seem to care. If i could find a girlfriend along the way thatd be nice too. Where are all the schizo chicks?

I been recovered once for 30 minutes, within 8 yrs. of my illness.

I don’t think I’ll ever “recover completely.” This illness has left too much trauma, false memories, and compulsive habits engrained in the muscle memory. I’ll get better and continue to live my life the best I can, but the effects of SZ have left their mark, just like the fire I was in. The scars from my life will fade but never leave.

I was having a hard time accepting my illness at first. Like I can’t believe this could ever happen to me was what I was thinking. I thought my life was ruined. But it was not. I may not live to see a cure. As far as schizo chicks I’d avoid them, get you a normal one if you can. A stable nice looking schizo chick are rare emeralds.


I was right there too. When I got the diagnosis, even I bought into the media portrayal. When I was lucid enough to understand what the docs were saying to me, I was IN hospital already. I was looking around the walls and listening to the word “schizophrenia” roll around my head and I though that I was doomed. I was now going to be in that hospital until the day I died. That was it, the end of the line.

Then I really decided to let go of my hold on anything keeping myself in check because I was sick right? So I could just get worse and die. So the sooner I got worse, the sooner I’d be dead. But it’s really interesting to me that I couldn’t just “MAKE” myself get worse by the power of my head. But I couldn’t make myself get better either. I was stuck. Being stuck made me angry.

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I think the best we can hope for is remission from symptoms. That’s where i am now, but i know complete recovery is far fetched for someone with this illness despite what people think.

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