We can be enlightened without being prophets

Would you say it’s more likely for an enlightened person to be quiet or to speak up?

  • Quiet
  • Speak up
  • balance like u said doood

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Maybe sz can bring episodes of enlightenment to your mind. However it’s probably not permanent. We can reach a state of nirvana and bliss and truth and not have to tell the whole world about it too.


I’d say the ones who speak up have the most moments

of enlightenment. Silence isn’t always a virtue.


And for the record if anyone was a prophet they would probably not be clear of their true purpose during their time alive. It’s years and years after you die they examine your legacy. “Oh Jesus was a prophet not just a great guy!”

I’d like to think both can be true though!


I think the most notary people probably have good balances of silence and speaking up.

I’ll give an example if familiar with.

Eminem vs my aunt.

My aunt never shuts up. Never listens to anything anyone says. She’s not very wise or enlightened she’s just having fun. I love her but she’s not the next Buddha

Eminem is very quiet, reads, listens, observes, and then when it’s time for him to speak he has better things to say and everyone listens.

I’d like to think the most notable people have that balance like Eminem does. I like to think I do somewhat.

Although maybe some people are content with knowing they know without being notary.

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Why though??? ???

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You should have made a poll, it’s like 50/50

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There I made a poll at the beginning. Btw @anon92220549 I get your post now I think.

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Persons who don’t speak and don’t teach are pratyekabuddhas in mahayana Buddhism.
Bodhisattvas teach others. That’s the ideal

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That’s interesting. I like how there’s no right way. Just different. IMO.

Off topic : dude I’m starting to make music. Where to start?

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Every enlightened being shares his teaching like the sun sharing its light and warmth. It’s natural

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I like the balance idea. I don’t have it but I try

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have you watched old cartoons, like the ones I grew up watching

cuz there was a character called Mr. Wizard

and he always saved the day

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You’ve been writing for a while? Because that’s where you start. But you gotta get to making tracks! If it’s rap you just gotta throw down a beat onto audacity. And try to rap over it. Or if you’re making beats then GarageBand is a good place to start. But when you find a beat you rap on it and just practice. If you have to do it over 109 times before you move onto the next one to get it perfect, I’d suggest doing that cuz it helps. Repetition. Trying new styles, getting to know yourself.

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A Farmer asked a guru, i get up in the morning feed the chickens milk the cows and work in the field. How its going to be when i am enlighten. The guru replies, you get up in the morning feed the chickens milk the cows and work in in the field.
Being enlighten means the way you see the world will be different.

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So there is no right or wrong answer? Meaning we all can be enlightened in our own right.

I personally think if your on to something you shouldnt be raving about it.

Yes, there is no proof like sz. Anyone can claim to be enlighten.