We are the hardest, I mean the most hardcore drug users

I am for real. I take about 12 pills a day, and drink energy drinks and use nicotine like a fiend. Any one of the twelve pills I take would either knock a normal person out cold, or make them sick.

I don’t do drugs.

I am drugs.

We are all heavily addicted to extremely heavy loads of extremely powerful drugs.


We are all basically the hardest drug users, so hard that if we don’t take the drugs, we trip, we are so bad that we made the whole purpose of doing drugs ■■■■ itself backwards. It started with taking drugs to trip. We done turned the game inside out; if we don’t take drugs, we trip. Hell, if you are like me, you take the drugs and STILL trip.


It’s so true @AmateurUnlicensedQuack.
If I want to get high, all I have to do is skip or stop taking the drugs (meds).

It’s usually the other way around.


The point is true because if you suddenly stop taking an ap then you will hallucinate, but to be fair heroin withdrawal causes hallucinations too and ‘they’ believe that is the hardest and strongest drug.

Heroin’s attraction is the pleasance it provides, but the causation that stops hallucination is the pleasance that aps is meant to provide. Ironic isn’t it?

When I changed meds from quietiapine to paliperidone the withdrawal from them gave me the shits just like heroin gives the runs when you withdraw from them. The comparisons are endless. Antipsychotics are the hardest drug that are given by doctors without even the fun of the high and like most pharaceuticals are deemed as harmless.

i am aware of this, and my brother and in laws believe i need to stop taking meds. i don’t agree. i don’t like myself after missing a few doses of meds.

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You took words right out out of my mouth. People take drugs to get high. We take them to come down from the highs. So strange.


Love me some nicotine

medicine is drugs

We are certainly the hardest of the hardcore when it comes to life experiences.
"I don’t do drugs, I am drugs"
Lol well said!

I’ve always wondered what anti psychotic meds would do to a healthy person.

I heard withdrawls cause psychosis even in healthy people

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I agree with this ive suffered brutal effects from AP it was a walk in hell.

Even the AD can be potent

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I take drugs to have a normal state instead of freaking out.

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2.5mg Haldol isn’t that much medication if that is all you are taking all day. If I were on haldol i would be on at least 10mg once a day with another medication in the morning.

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All my psychoses are like a bad trip with negative emotions, I wouldn’t even call them a trip just an assault of overwhelming negative emotions and resultant congitive impairment and stupidity. Nothing more nothing less.

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I’ve never experienced hallucinations when in withdrawal. Ever. I think that idea got started from the trainspotting movie.

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I was never a hardcore drug user, small amounts of drinky drinky and weed were okay.

But when they came and the forced mental communications began i was placed on these substances so my brain couldn’t receive it anymore.

None of it has been willing and i’ll never consider myself a drug user.

I have more of that psychosis where the crow was eating that woman’s tits and she thought she was breast feeding in the movie “the witch.” Elements of my dilemma can also be seen in movies like the craft, the fourth kind, even harry potter.

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I think I need to go to sleep now. it’s 1:19am. lol lol lol.

stay cool, pans man

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We had a tv program about addiction a few years ago that showed 5 patients who had all decided to go clean from heroin in a hospital ward and most of them hallucinated along with the vomiting, runs and shakes they all had to endure which is where I based it on. It was pretty hard core.

Heroin wasn’t my drug of choice, so can’t speak from experience. If, as you say doesn’t make you hallucinate then I bow down to your wisdom. :slight_smile:

I’m just saying in my own personal experience, I’ve never had that happen. And I’ve never heard from any of the people that I used with talk about it happening either. Maybe for some people it does, but it’s definitely not guaranteed like the other effects.