We are living in a time

…where intelligent people are being silenced, so stupid people won’t be offended.



Right on. Opressive missconcepted collective thinking silence many bright minds. It has always being so. Copernicus who discovered heliocentrismus published his book right before he died because he knew it was a dangerous subject that would go against collective thinking. Galileo who took the work of Coppernicus and defended it was condemned by the church to deny his beliefs and live in house arrest for many years until his death because heliocentrismus was against the holy scriptures. Just to give some examples. Modern example is Thimothy Leary who is seing as a drug advocate when drugs are substances just like legal drugs so he went againt collective thinking and paid for it, 6 years in jail and a bad stigma in society to this day. Collective thinking is against drugs. Drugs are part of our natural world. The fact of calling natural substances as drugs is also a proof of collective thinking narrow minded beliefs.

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You got a point there I think.

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agree, agree, agree.

but there are some commentators/broadcasters I’d just like to shut up.

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I usually am. People think people trying to deny people human rights are geniuses and I think they’re idiots.

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