We are just little people

but guess what? That’s ok too.


I’m 1,58m :smile: I am little


it s not the time that giants come

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I sure wish I was littler, I still have to lose 25 more lbs.

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I can lose some weight too, but with ‘little people’ I meant that we schizophrenic people are not typically in any powerful position in this world and so we are just little people.

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make a mistake
its not a time yet for the giants come to earth

its the voice i heard the my ex bf really hates me whom be4 make his colleague went crazy

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When compared to the size of the universe, we are extremely small, not any bigger than germs are to us. When compared to a Planck unit, we are gargantuan. We might be smale in the scale of the known universe, but we are huge to ourselves. Our emotions are huge, especially our fears. Our ability to love is giant. Our ability to hate, just as big. It’s all relative.

In the past we would have been the shamans and the soothsayers. We would have been feared and respected. But in todays society we are out casted. Oh how my people have fallen…