We are interesting: Ask a question

I think everyone here is interesting.

Do you have any questions for other forum members?

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Hey @Jimbob what’s your favourite American sitcom?

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Do you still wear coconut oil @anon80629714?

@anon1571434 what is your current body fat percentage?

@mermaid1 what is the hardest symptom you’re dealing with and how is your make up business going?

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I put it on my face everyday @mermaid1

Do you think That’s weird ?

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Hi @Sarad

My worst symptom I have been struggling with since forever is the ‘escape’ !!! it is a torture because I am so indecisive and unstable. I think about escaping at least 7 times in a day and half the time I take action and plan it. :frowning_face: I am too scared to actually take action because there is a lot of consequence I am afraid to face. :frowning_face: Plus the pessimism :frowning:

My makeup business is okay but I still not making money out of it. Only sometimes a couple times a month I do for friends etc for free or exchange of portfolio. I am not putting much effort in it because I already have a lot to do . . .

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@anon80629714 no I want to do the same because it is amazing. I bought one but still not making it into a habit

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@princess, I know you’re from New Zealand,

I was wondering about one of my favorite shows “Summer Heights High”,

Do people from New Zealand find the portrayal of Jonah, the islander, offensive?

I read some about it, but of course, I’m from the states and no one here watches Australian TV.

I liked the American office. Hey @anon80629714 which do you prefer - X factor or strictly?


None of those :joy: if I had to pick I’d rather watch strictly.

Hey @velociraptor , do you have a job or a career ?


Sorry @anon54386108 never heard of it :blush:

@Sarad how’s your work going and are you happy? :slight_smile: are you well?

I have been a licensed insurance broker since the end of January this year. I was hired on Jan 3rd and passed the licensing exam before the month was done. I specialize in automobile, property & casualty, errors & omissions, and liability insurance for small to medium sized businesses. I’m still a junior broker but am told that I am learning quickly.

I was actually a truck driver last year (bulk fuel delivery), but wound up changing jobs on short notice after my heart condition became a problem. Before that I spent a couple of decades in various technical roles. Original career was as a chef, but that ended abruptly because of a severe back injury. Oh, and I somehow wound up driving a school bus for a bit in all of that while running a photo studio and doing some video work.

The main thing I’ve learned is that the career you prepare for may not be the one you wind up in.


It’s been awhile since I checked but I think 14% - 15% currently.



I thought the (?) might have been triggering.

@Jimbob who is your favorite fighter? Of all time? fave fighter Who is in the UFC right now? Fave muay thai fighter?

@anon80629714 i like your flower paintings, who is your favorite artist? who inspires you as an artist?

@anon1571434 what are macro and micronutrients? just kidding, that’s probably a long answer, just answer this: what’s your go-to pre-work out powder (if any) and how much would you recommend for a person who wants to try taking it, but not too much due to excessive caffeine intake?


I don’t have a favourite @HQuinn but I like different styles. I like one using their imagination and transforming one thing into something else.



Come on!

This has to be my favorite show, all time.

Maybe favorite comedy, but its pretty intense for a comedy, I cried, a lot.

Anyway, you should check it out!

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Actually that’s not hard to answer at all. I’ll answer all your questions when I’m back from the store.