We are focused like the tortoise who beats the hare

I thought this was a good recovery topic. If anyone cares to ponder on it. I go through this all the time I want to be as fast I possibly can be to live the fullest but at the sametime I feel the like tortoise and I go really really slow at times especially when I’m going around random curves in life. Where the rubber meets the road!..

This is how recovery is for me. Especially dealing with so many things at once. You feel overwhelmed, and in a fog like state, where every thing seems hazy at times. I find my way out through being proactive and doing what is right and believing in what I believe and doing what I have to do, because a man has to do, what a man has to do or vice versa.

Have a good one! (Hope it helps, Blessings for all with much gratitude!)


getting life back on track after my head circus took a lot of time and it was a very slow process…

There are no short cuts… there are no miracle cures…

The path is different for everyone… but I have a feeling the process might be a bit similar…

One step at a time.

Good luck and I’m glad your feeling better too… :v:

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