We are all one. Spiritual Awakening

Anyone experienced this? I always discontinue on my medication coz I knew nothing was wrong with me… Until I became everything. I was you, I was my sister, I was everything… It was surreal. The thought that I was ■■■■■■■ myself was unbelievable.

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I didn’t realize that Jim Carrey was so out there. He should stick to comedy.

Jim Carrey has bipolar disorder, Im wondering if this is making him a bit out there. Im not judging him, just saying.
He strikes me to be a bit odd and irritating - his personality I mean

I’ve asked someone not on Med. She said, she already experienced it too.

Those who have commented above haven’t experienced it yet I presume. I have twice.

There are a lot of them in the youtube comment section who have experienced it as well.

It’s not an uncommon thing.

I have experienced the feeling of “one”. It is sometimes connected to euphoria and mania - usually with bipolar. which I have and sometimes with schizophrenia, which I also have

Not sure how accurate Wikipedia is, but it says he has ADHD:

Hi SzAdmin, I thought Ive seen his diagnosis floating around on the web - it states bipolar. Maybe its unofficial, I dont know, but thanks for the info - if you punch in Jim Carrey and bipolar something may show up - I dont know how accurate it is

Thank you for posting these videos. Personally I believe and have tried to change my own perspective of life. I watched The Secret one day and it did change me and my approach to life in a much more fulfilling way. :heart:

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I liked the thought is an illusory thing. thought responsible for most of our suffering we experience. (including the famous Jim Carry).

It wasn’t even a feeling. It was literal. You really are everything.

It was like a higher consciousness that encompasses all.

On of the Internet’s greatest faults is that it, for every bizarre fetish, belief, and interest you can find others that share it.

Not everybody experiences the mystical side of reality. It’s a good thing that things like this are available to everyone who is ripe for it.

I was standing in a field one time. I had been bothered by nature. I hated the birds, the wind the rain because they weren’t mine and I wanted them to be. So I finally gave it up and looked around and said - none of this is mine. And then it came to me - all of this is mine. Briefly, but eternally so to speak. I trust this because it was not by way of a go-be-tween.

It wasnt just a feeling for me - it was literal as you put it for me as well. My sick mind was experiencing this feeling of one. I was not on an antipsychotic at the time. I empathized with everyone and everything - with the universe.
I was given an antipsychotic and it all disappeared. So much for spiritual awakening

I’ve heard it called the Illusion of Fusion.

I clicked on the first Jim Carrey video and now my Youtube recommendations have a bunch of Spiritual Awakening videos in them. :frowning:

Might also be one of those hypnotic time bombs that pull you to an alternate reality that’s SZ. Something tells me you should never entertain it and give meaning to. Especially if you are one of those who drowns from the mystics.