We are a rare breed 1%

we are so special we are rare…

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I sometimes feel “special” because of certain aspects of my illness, like my amazing imagination. I think constituting one percent of the population isn’t so rare though. That’s a lot of ill people.


yeah I see the amount of bullsithh killings wars…misjustice …its we take it on board to much…IMO…

We’re a weird breed, not a rare breed. The STIGMA…

Yeah when you think about it that way it is a lot of damn people. 1% doesn’t seem like a lot, until you think 1 out of 100 out of 7 billion+. Wow there are a lot of us sz’s after all!!! I always thought I was almost all alone in the real world.

To think that many people have brain disorders, that’s a lot of pain in the world. Not to discredit all the other sources of pain.

I RISE above stigma, and I wish this on sz.com