We are 0.01%

If societies have 1% of people schizophrenics, and then 1% of all schizophrenics communicate here, this makes us 0.01% or less?


So there are seven hundred thousand members or so at this site ?

I suppose it is much less than 0.01%, maybe just 0.00001% :smile:

I’m about 7 billion x 1 percent x 1 percent x 1 percent x 1 percent x 1.428571428587 percent.

i read some where, 1 in 3 will get a belt of some mental problem throughout there life

0.0001 or 1 in 10,000

Well for sure, there’s a small percentage of us. Who would sign up for it, anyways? I’m just so lucky I forgot to laugh. Or something like that. Too much dopamine? A smaller than average brain? Mutated genes? Please, there are ladies present.

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Sounds like the title of a country song.

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