Ways to have healthy coffee

Oh, yeah. I have a hell of a tolerance to caffeine. I’ve been drinking caffeinated beverages since I was a toddler with a sippy cup.


I’m the opposite of healthy I need the most chocolate and sugar and cream possible tbh I don’t like coffee very much


If you don’t like it, why bother trying to dress it up? Just don’t drink it.


Because everybody I hang out with loves it… and some of the coffee shops make good stuff! I just need it very sweet!! Like REALLY sweet lol :sweat_smile:

Its more just like straight up cups of coffee I don’t like.

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A barista that I saw as a friend of mine despite that we were not (I thought we were spirit friends whozz bodies did not hang out)put cardamom in my late.

It was one of the best coffees I ever had.
I did not ask for it but got it.


It’s expensive I think online but this was at a cafe she used to work at.

Another woman who I saw see as friendsmade the best frothed milk …

And a male barista and some others.

The coffees here are not as nice but then again I have not been treating myself to cafe coffe in my new state.

They taste like warm milk.

Maybe I forgot to ask for double shot.

I buy dare double espresso sometimes it is delicious.

Love coffee.

I had one coffee bush once that could keep me and my family independent on coffee all year …

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I drink non organic, black, decaffeinated coffee without sugar or cream.


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