Ways to find semi-intelligent conversation

I work second shift, so many options don’t work for me.

  1. Meetup.com? That usually conflicts with second shift.

  2. Local Mensa meetings? (I’m thinking of trying that this month)

  3. Online Mensa groups haven’t worked too well for me so far. If I weren’t on anti-psychotics, I might think it was a conspiracy. :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. Rentafriend.com? Some people say they will try to help you meet new friends.

  5. Actually going on a date with that young lady who is interested in me, even though I’m not very interested? Probably not.

  6. Schizophrenia.com? Nah. Often, when intelligent conversation starts, someone claims they are triggered and the thread is locked.

Any other ideas?


Why are you asking our advice when you don’t even think we’re “semi-intelligent”?


Do what I do. Get a mirror and a cup of tea. It works wonders. :wink: I’m sure you have hobbies. You could join groups on your community that revolve around the things you like to do. The local mensa meetings do sound like a good option. Maybe join book clubs?


I’m thrilled to be included in a sub-par intelligence bracket. I’m triggered.


Lemme explain to you about my delusion about a certain political figure and what religion he is… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Is that not intelligent enough for you?


We could discuss the infinite universe theory. Blanket or sphere?

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I know that meetups in my area have morning hikes. They are usually pretty social where the people really want to talk to you. Not sure when your shift starts. The hikes may start at 9 am? So maybe you could squeeze that in before work. Not sure if that would interest you. Just throwing it out there.

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I didnt think he was saying people on here on not intelligent. I think he was suggesting neurotic or paranoid which I totally believe.

If by often you mean every single goddamn time, then, yes.

What types of conversations are you looking for?


Oh, there are good people here to have conversations with, but, lowest common denominator. That’s what the site has to serve.


I think you should try the mensa meetings if it’s intelligent talk you’re after.

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Thanks for all of the replies.

I think there are a lot of very intelligent people on sz.com. I don’t know what I ever said that could be interpreted otherwise. Intelligent conversation though? I did speak to that.

To answer your question, MrSquirrel, I don’t converse enough to know for sure.

I know that discussing sports like most people at work, or making other small talk, bores me. It would be great if I could join a local augmented reality meetup, but it conflicts with my work schedule. I think even a book discussion club or a poetry or writers’ club would do.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the reply.

My difficulty has been finding local groups that meet at times that don’t conflict with my second-shift work schedule. I’m pretty sure they exist. That is one reason why I was thinking of paying someone at rentafriend.com to help me find the local groups that aren’t listed on meetup.com.

That sounds like a great idea. If hiking groups often meet in the morning, I could do a search on meetup.com for hiking groups, and start my search for new friends and groups there.

Thanks @anon12381882! Sz.com comes through with support again! This time on my social life. :slight_smile:

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I have to laugh that you immediately set us all in the lower intelligence bracket. I mean, really?

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Thank you, @pob. You are one of the voices of wisdom I often spend time considering on this forum.

I think I will try going to a local Mensa meeting this month, but I want to try Jassy22’s suggestion too. Maybe the other Mensans won’t think I’m witty enough. I’ll find out, I guess.


I actually considered a lot of you to be in the higher intelligence bracket, as stated above.

Replies like this make me question the effort that has been put into reading comprehension in this case, though.


If you’re not looking for an echo chamber, you’ll have to break out the magnifying glass on this site. Not to be harsh, but let’s just say some are doing better than others, and some think they’re doing exceptionally well. I agree with @velociraptor that there are folks here with whom you can have an intelligent conversation. But, that magnifying glass…

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Sphere. A torus lol.

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You don’t make it sound as such from your OP at all.