Wats ur view on google...?

gr8 little yoke ain’t it

am going t google it

1111 :smiley:

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Yas I luvvve it. Google rocks. I can ask it anything. I just wish more scientific articles were available but u gotta pay


its like a new brain box, type in the question

and all of a sudden jaysus it gives a answer go go google


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Don’t like their dominance and using all the tricks in the book to make people internet junkies along with other companies like fb and youtube.

And I hate them for loading adds that pop up on the top of the page 2 seconds after your results have loaded so you misclick on the adds. That is no coincidence.

I use a local textbased search engine, works better for my needs and is less annoying.

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google is special imo

so much learning