Watership Down miniseries on netflix but with no episodes and no scheduled release date

The BBC watership down miniseries is coming to netflix. If u search it on netflix the series pops up but there are no episodes to watch. If i look it up online it just says its being released this year with no date. This is infuriating to me. I know its gonna be on BBC before they release it on netflix but ive been waiting for some type of remake since i saw the 70s movie. Y post it on netflix if ur not gonna release it when u post it and not put out a release date online. If u haven’t read the novel or seen the original animated movie its fantastic. One of my favorite stories of all time.

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Sup my man kazuma…what are u upto…??

Reading the news. Playing with the bunns and forgetting about my day. Wbu?

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I am trying to take a nap…cant fall asleep…which med are u on kazuma…???

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