Water withdrawals after withdrawing from drinking water after weeks of excessive water drinking

thoughts? am i experiencing water withdrawals after not drinking as much today?

Maybe you have diabetes.

i doubt it,.,.,1.1212

Excessive water drinking? Withdrawing from water? Can you explain?

I tend to drink more water than i need

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I’m thinking my body has gotten used to the excess water and when me stopping drinking it is making me experience withdrawels because my body is no longer getting the adjusted amount of water

I had a friend once who claimed never to drink water or brush her teeth, only drank beer. Despite the non-teeth brushing she did have a boyfriend…who I had to hook her up with the ungrateful bitch.

And how much is that? Real excessive water drinking isn’t too common unless it’s forced or you were dehydrated and are over compensating.

Sometimes if you do drink too much water to fast though it can flush out your electrolytes wich effects how you hold water. This could make you feel like the water you drink isn’t very satisfying.

Try lemonade, crackers, gatorated, things with sodium and electrolytes.

There was a man who died of excessive water intake after a dehydrating journey across the Utah desert in the 1800’s. How long did you go without water>?

You can mes up your electrolytes by drinking too much water. It can be dangerous.