Water Weight

I got weighed by the nurse today. I’m on a super strict diet and yet I gained a pound. I was really upset. But she checked my food journal and found that I’ve eaten tuna as my protein the last 4 days. Apparently it’s high in sodium. I’m holding water weight. No more tuna for me!


A pound is no big deal, don’t obsess over it. Me, I’ve got like 80 lbs of taco weight. More of an issue.



@velociraptor Lol!!! 1515151515

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If only I had 80 lbs of wind. One good fart and I’d be slim again.


I hold a lot of water due to lithium :frowning:
I look like I lost weight but the number won’t go down…don’t be discouraged.

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Hilarious @firemonkey!!!

I didn’t know that about lithium. But it totally makes sense.

Lithium’s basically one big salt bomb :joy:

Yeah. I just never put that together somehow.

Don’t be discouraged @ZmaGal.
Our weight naturally fluctuates up and down by a couple of pounds.
I lost like 3 pounds but gained it back.

I’m still continuing to stick with my “diet”

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Water weight doesn’t count. If it bothers you don’t eat the tuna though I doubt you’ll find stuff without salt in it.

How long did it take you to gain weight on Lithium? I’ve only been on it for weeks, but my clothes are tight. I don’t feel like I’m eating more than normal.

Sometimes you can be eating the right amount of calories to lose weight and not lose weight for a while. It’s called a plateau. The body works in mysterious ways.

What diets are you on? My psychiatrist wants me to go Keto

Like @velociraptor said, a pound is no big deal. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Food that is canned is usually high in salt content. If that’s an issue maybe avoid canned food as much as possible.

When I first started meds I was put on Latuda and lithium and I noticed weight gain right away; then again, I had anorexia at the time and my body reacted harshly to the meds.
In total, I gained about 90lbs.
Of course, my case is uncommon because of the eating disorder complicating it and being new to meds.

I’m doing a dr supervised diet. I get 4 protein supplements and one protein supplement bar every day. I get one serving of fruit, 1 serving of regular food protein like meat or eggs, and two vegetable servings per day

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Mine is similar to yours. I’ve been gaining weight, though. I’m freaking out about it.

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I’m counting my calories, not exceeding 2000 calories per day.

I’m also eating less carbs.

Nothing too restrictive @FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter.

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Okay. Thank you all! I am also on the Latuda-Lithium combination. I wasn’t this heavy ever before, even 9 months pregnant!

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