Watching the World Turn

Do you ever just sit out in public for periods of time and watch the world in action? Its a little creepy but interesting of how everything you hear and see in an hour or 2.

I used to. But then I stopped trying to listen to the world, and started to try to ignore it.

Sunglasses .

Sunglasses .

Sunglasses . ,

e(Y)e Rarely Remember To Wear Them , Especially In Tha Past … ,

but When e(Y)e Do , e(Y)e Spy / Anahlyze and Peek At Everyone Trying To See What it Is
e(Y)e’m Looking At …,

That Is Creepier Then Any Horror Movie … ,

e(Y)e Swear , We As Schizo’s Are Living In Tha Fantasy Nightmare Of


People watching used to be one of my favorite past times,
back in the day when people used to actually interact with each other.

Now with cell phones, people are a painfully loud "one (person) show"
with delusions of grandeur,
and no audience to watch.

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Yes, but I never thought about it that way. I’ve been accused of people watching in the mental hospital lol. I’ve done it elsewhere before. I’m not really interested in other people’s lives. I think it’s because I’m self conscious. I also don’t want to be judged or let it be known or reminded I have sz.

I’m a people watcher… can’t help it…

Carlos Castenada talked a lot about “stopping the world”…in his stories. I found his first few books to be good but then it kind of turned into random babbling about nothing though. So yeah I’m not so sure about that insight.

i just had to! ( this shit is so old that it’s not even on YouTube)

e(Y)e LOVE Thus Album (!!!) ,


That and Marshall Mathers LP are two of the top 5 or so albums in hip-hop history IMO. Old school Eminem and Tupac are the best.

Thus Is Complete TRUTH .,

e(Y)e Would Personally Add LIL WAYNE and Call It Good …

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Hey I like Lil Wayne too :blush:

I think he’ll go down as one of the best. As the years pass by people begin to appreciate past music more and more.

Like hey, I like Nas, Jay-z, Rakim and Biggie. But yeah Lil wayne is one of the more talented performers in hip-hop history for sure. He makes me laugh with his lyrics and his likeable as a person for the very most part.

Yep Yep … ,

Those dudes Are Awesome As Well … ,

e(Y)e’ll have To Check Rakim Out , He’s Amongst Tha Greatest There …

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