Watching Sports thread

One of my favorite hobbies is watching sports. Wondering if any other sz are so passionate about it as I am. College basketball is my favorite. College football my second favorite. Uconn in both even though we’re no good in football. I also like the jets Yankees ny rangers nets, golf, USA soccer and more. What do you like. Feel free to discuss anything sports related here.

Ice hockey (Red Wings). I used to watch F1 (Ferrari) but got really fed up with it. I like listening to baseball (Tigers, Cubs), it makes me peaceful and drowsy, but I don’t follow closely. I used to have a soccer (Fiorentina, Newcastle) channel I watched, but not anymore.

Crazy about ice hockey, though.

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What did I just see?

Cubs win, today! Yeah, baby.


I’m rooting for the cubs because I like you @daze. :wink:

In the past I would root for their misery because I found it humorous but you’ve changed my wish of fortunes on such a team.