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Do you wear a watch?

  • Yes
  • No

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When I was in bootcamp if you had an important job you got to wear a watch. I never take mine off now.


I need a new one, but I generally try to wear a watch.

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My wrist band breaks every couple of years so I have to buy a new watch.


Haha thats why I need a new one, the wrist band broke. Mine was getting bad at losing time anyways.

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yeah I was going to say I need to buy a new one. my wrist band broke, I would take it off and squeeze it when I got my shot. it was rubber sportwatch so I thought it could take it but it broke. I will probably buy 2 watches this time, a dress watch and a sport watch. set one for “spring forward” and the other “fall back”, daylight savings time, that way I don’t ever have to switch them

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I have a watch. But I don’t wear it.

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I’ve moved onto an activity tracker. Keeps track of a lot of other things besides the time and I’m really happy with it!

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Why would one need a watch anymore when you are glued to your smart phone like me? I think watches have become obsolete


Yeah I wear a watch.
I don’t know why.
I carry my phone wherever I go.

It’s a habit, I guess.


I don’t use a watch. It has never even crossed my mind to use a watch. I just look at the time on my phone.


I have a really nice Winnipeg jets watch but it disappeared. My house eats things.


Yes, I usually only buy decent looking Casio watches.

I don’t like to attract a lot of attention haha. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been into horology for a long time (pun intended), and I own several wrist watches

Yes, I wear a wrist watch.


I have an expensive watch. An Omega but I never wear it. If I go back to work I will wear it to work. I haven’t worn it in about a year or so. It might need a new battery.

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